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IanJ_ohn's Achievements

IanJ_ohn completed on 2019.01.11:
IanJ_ohnLVL 1

Write a piece of poetry.

I write this or type or whatever makes sense to you to go for life and never go back and never regret and reach for your dreams or crappy weekend job...

Is this enough?

  • +70XP
  • INT +2
  • TAL +3
  • CUL +1
IanJ_ohn completed on 2019.01.11:
IanJ_ohnLVL 1

Discover a new band or musician that you enjoy.

Yes! is a great band.. And the song Roundabout is my favorite

  • +70XP
  • CUL +2
IanJ_ohn completed on 2019.01.10:
IanJ_ohnLVL 1

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