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Terms of Service / Privacy Statement

Last updated: April 19, 2016

This is the agreement between you and Level up Life upon registering for site.

As long as your account is active, you agree to these terms and are responsible for reviewing future updates. You may terminate your agreement to these terms of service at any time by removing your account at https://lvluplife.com/settings/.

Definitions: For purposes of this agreement, "Level up Life", the "site" or the "website" refers to the website located at https://lvluplife.com and all its contained pages/subsections, in addition to the "Level up Life" mobile application on the Android platform.


By default, your achievements will be displayed in the public community activity feeds. You can opt-out of appearing in these public feeds in the settings.

Your activity is viewable by going directly to your profile. You can make this profile hidden to everyone but you and your friends in the settings.

You will occasionally be sent emails to inform you of account notifications, new features and updates to Level up Life. You can opt-out of receiving these emails in the settings.

Your username and a link to your profile may be displayed on the high scores section. If you don't want to participate in these score rankings, you can opt-out in the settings.

NOTE: After adding a friend, he/she will be able to view your activity, even if set to private/hidden.

Information collected:

Email address - never displayed publicly, and never sold, displayed or provided to anyone other than the creators of this website.

Password - encrypted and therefore not viewable by anyone, not even the creators of this website.

IP address and geographical information and other anonymous site usage information will be collected for purposes of improving website experience by understanding user demographics.

No user information will ever be shared or sold to a third-party individual or organization. However, remember that any information you enter that is publicly available on Level up Life will be automatically indexed by and available to search engines, and therefore, the public. If you don't want your activity and information to be public, then you must set your account activity to be hidden in the settings.


Two "cookies" are created for purposes of keeping you logged in on return visits. These cookies are erased upon logging out. These cookies cannot track your internet usage or access personal information.

Cookies are not viewable anywhere outside of your personal computer.

Connecting with Facebook:

If registering/signing in through Facebook, more cookies may be stored by Facebook that log you into Facebook.com services. Level up Life is not responsible for Facebook's use of these cookies as they are not controlled by Level up Life.

Your current Facebook profile photo is displayed on Level up Life by linking to Facebook but is not saved or stored. You can replace this with another image in the settings section.


Definitions: For purposes of this agreement, "content" refers to all information provided by the user that is inputted into site, including text, images, files, links, and any other data.

Content Provided by User:

You retain your rights in all content you submit to Level up Life.

When you input content to this website, you give permission for this content to be hosted, stored, cached, reproduced, published, displayed, transmitted, re-formatted or deleted. By inputting content, you agree that you have the necessary rights to grant this permission.

You agree that that content you provide will not be an advertisement/spam, nor malicious, illegal, or offensive, according to the judgement of site monitors, or else content may be removed or, depending on the severity, account deactivated.

Level up Life is not responsible if publicly available content is saved, stolen, or published by an unauthorized third party.

You are responsible for any repercussions of your inputted content including infringement of copyright, incriminating, illegal, offensive, or personal content.

Your content submitted to Level up Life will no longer be available upon deactivation of your account.

Release from Liability:

By registering with Level up Life, you release those affiliated with the site, including its creators, contributors, representatives, and advertisers, from responsibility, liability, claims, demands, and damages in any way connected to content found on the website, or your access and use of the site.

Registration Information:

You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account password. Level up Life is not accountable for unauthorized access to your account, however you should let us know by contacting us.

Unforeseen Events:

Level up Life is not accountable for lost or stolen data/information due to the website being hacked, hijacked, monitored, technical problems, errors, or other unfortunate events.

Account deactivation:

The site may also deactivate your account or suspend your access to the site, without notice or liability, for any reason or no reason, including breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If you have any questions about these terms of service or our privacy policy, please contact us.