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Track your everyday achievements in life.

Get motivated by earning XP from real life challenges ranging from simple to life changing.

Track your achievements RPG style!

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Q&A's / How to Play

What is Level up Life?

Level up Life lets you track your daily achievements, big or small, gaining motivation while progressing in an RPG-style online platform.

All the achievements are accomplishments you can do to improve yourself, your life, and the world around you.

As you earn XP (experience points), you'll level up and unlock increasingly difficult achievements, providing new experiences and challenges.

How do I complete achievements?

Click on the desired category on the right side menu. This will display the achievements that belong to that category. Many more will become available once you reach the required level.

Select the achievement you have recently completed (in real life). You can now enter details about this achievement and/or attach a photo. This achievement will be recorded in your profile, and you will be rewarded with the XP and skill points associated with the achievement.

How does the XP system work?

XP are points you receive for completing achievements. The more challenging the achievement, the more XP you will gain by completing it. Aim for the difficult challenges that put you outside your comfort zone, and gain more XP!

Why are some achievements locked?

An achievement will be locked and hidden if you haven't reached the required level to access the achievement.

Additionally, an achievement will be viewable but locked if you have completed it in the last X number of days. Depending on which of the five types of achievements you completed, it will have a limit of either:

The idea is that you completed the achievement in real life at least once in that time span, but you can collect the XP only once in that timespan.

The longer the allowable timespan for an achievement, the more XP you gain from it.

The once ever achievements are like a "bucket list" item; maybe you have visited the Great Wall of China more than once, but you complete the achievement only once because you've done it at least one time in your life. You can always go back and edit the achievement's description to add more details.

How do I level up?

The level you are at is representative of the total amount of XP you have gained since joining Level up Life. The higher your level, the more XP is required to level up- however, leveling up unlocks more achievements that are available to you.

What are skill points?

You have six different kinds of points that represent aspects of your life:

STR - Strength - Gained by completing achievements that improve or require physical health and fitness.

CUL - Culture - Gained by completing achievements that make you more worldly, open-minded, and appreciative of history, the arts, and traditions and practices of humanity.

ENV - Environment - Gained by completing achievements that improve your surroundings (both indoor and outdoor), or involves improving or connecting you with your city, country, or the world.

CHA - Charisma - Gained by completing achievements that involve social skills, interaction or communication with others.

TAL - Talent - Gained by completing achievements that improve or require a specialized skill or ability.

INT - Intellect - Gained by completing achievements that improve knowledge or requires education and research to complete.

Upon registering, all skill points start out at 0. Your skill level is simply based off the accumulated points for that skill that you gain when completing achievements.

Use your skill points to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The green progress bars show the amount of points relative to your highest skill. So if your highest skill is Charisma at 250 points, it is considered 100%, and Intelligence at 125 points would display its green bar filled to 50%.

Couldn't I cheat by completing an achievement without actually doing it?

You could. Level up Life basically works on an honor system.

It's also completely up to your judgement if you have successfully completed an achievement or not. For example, let's say you rode your bike just 5 minutes to a friend's down the street. If you're proud that you took the bike out today, even if it was for just a few minutes, you can complete the "Go for a bike ride" achievement. But if you think it doesn't count because you consider the achievement should be for longer bike rides, then it's your call!

How do the goals (stars) work?

On a category page, you can click the star on an achievement to add it to your goals. Click "Goals" in the top navigation to view all achievements you starred. This simply works like a bookmark- a quick way to access just the achievements you want to complete!

What are custom achievements?

Level up Life offers hundreds of achievements for you to challenge yourself with. However, you might want to add something specific that isn't available. With the custom achievements, you can add an achievement to any category and customize the XP and skill points that you gain by completing it.

These achievements are only available to you to complete. Once you add it, it is not completed but just added to that category. Complete it like any other achievement, or add it as a goal!

Achievement level:
This defaults to your current level. Raising or lowering the level will raise or lower the amount of XP and available skill points you can gain from this achievement. Note that if you raise it above your current level, it will be locked and hidden until you reach that level!

Available skill points:
The amount of skill points available is three times the set level. So LVL 6 means a maximum of 18 skill points. You don't have to use all the available skill points! Increase points for each skill that matches the achievement, to an amount you think is deserved by completion of the task in real life.

Can be completed:
All achievements have a maximum for the amount of time between completions. The benefit is that this raises the amount of XP gained. Something like "Do my taxes" would never be more than once a year, so raise it to "Once per year" to collect more XP!

What happens when adding friends?

When you go to someone else's profile and click the "Add as friend" button, they will be sent a notification. The notification gives the option to Accept or Ignore the friend request. (Don't worry, choosing "Ignore" will NOT notify the person who sent the friend request that they were ignored!)

After the friend request is accepted, the following will happen:

1. A recent activity feed will be shown on the home page to view just your friends. You can switch back to the community feed by clicking View > Community.

2. You can view a second high score list that ranks just you and your friends. Go the the high scores page, then click View > Friends.

3. If the user keeps their profile private, it will be visible to his/her friends.