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Community Achievements

cristhian2006 completed on 2022.05.23:
cristhian2006LVL 3

Exercise for 15 minutes.

Ejercicio ligero por 30m

  • +70XP
  • STR +3
Taro_Iwakura completed on 2022.05.23:
Taro_IwakuraLVL 6

Watch an instructional video tutorial.

Pequeño curso de YAML.

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
bobtheenchantedone completed on 2022.05.23:
bobtheenchantedoneLVL 6

Cook a meal for your parents or other family members.

made me and Boo food.

  • +125XP
  • TAL +7
  • CHA +5
matudaman completed on 2022.05.23:
matudamanLVL 16

Turn down the heat or air conditioning to save energy.

Já faz um bom tempo que o ar condicionado não é ligado nesta casa (ainda mais agora que esfriou).

  • +100XP
  • ENV +4
IdealisticDreamer completed on 2022.05.23:
IdealisticDreamerLVL 19

Compliment a stranger.

A goth girl I met on discord

  • +125XP
  • CHA +7
GhostlyMono completed on 2022.05.23:
GhostlyMonoLVL 4

Discover a new band or musician that you enjoy.

glass beach

  • +70XP
  • CUL +2
halfassholls completed on 2022.05.23:
halfasshollsLVL 11

Go see some standup or improv comedy.

Netflix counts right?

  • +360XP
  • CUL +7
davicholito completed on 2022.05.23:
davicholitoLVL 3

Offer help to someone who could use it.

ayude a mi amigo Josué a completar una tarea de probabilidad y matemática

  • +70XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +2
Bratty_princess completed on 2022.05.23:
Bratty_princessLVL 6

Have a conversation with a stranger.

Had a conversation about jobs and money with a guy while I was on break at work

  • +180XP
  • CHA +9
Akki7 completed on 2022.05.23:
Akki7LVL 1

Switch an incandescent bulb to an energy efficient one.

fluorescent light bulb is the way to go!

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3