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Community Achievements

Luca_H0 completed on 2018.09.18:
Luca_H0LVL 2

Call a friend or relative just to chat for a bit.


  • +70XP
  • CHA +3
DreamcastBubblea completed on 2018.09.18:
DreamcastBubbleaLVL 6

Put something decorative on display in your home.

mermaids welcome

  • +100XP
  • ENV +4
  • CUL +4
GoraWickid completed on 2018.09.18:
GoraWickidLVL 4

Study or research something.

Researched zero waste methods for my blog post

  • +125XP
  • INT +5
  • CUL +2
Andromalius87 completed on 2018.09.18:
Andromalius87LVL 2

Explore a trail or path in your area.

Bushwhacked a new trail to the boys fort, connects the yard to the shrine to their fort, maybe possible to continue to other points of interest.

  • +85XP
  • ENV +2
  • STR +1
Jazexa completed on 2018.09.18:
JazexaLVL 9

Put something nice on the wall in your home.

a poster

  • +150XP
  • ENV +6
  • CUL +6
keta completed on 2018.09.18:
ketaLVL 4

Spend a day acting more confident than you usually are.

Acing it today xD

  • +125XP
  • CHA +7
DeepEndVIP completed on 2018.09.18:

Get a passport.

I already have a passport

  • +1125XP
  • INT +12
  • CUL +24
abathatay completed on 2018.09.18:
abathatayLVL 4

Read or watch the news.

as I watch north and South Korean leaders embrace, an increase in American aerial military spending and american borders closing harder I am utterly terrified.

  • +100XP
  • INT +2
  • CUL +4
GrompieKie completed on 2018.09.18:
GrompieKieLVL 2

Write a piece of poetry.

I am rich
No i'm not

I wonder
what the people think

I try to help,
to understand

but noone cares...

  • +70XP
  • INT +2
  • TAL +3
  • CUL +1
Redcommander completed on 2018.09.18:
RedcommanderLVL 3

Prepare yourself a healthy meal.

Kanaa, kasviksia ja riisiä. Melki pakko olla terveellistä

  • +85XP
  • STR +1
TheKhalidia completed on 2018.09.18:
TheKhalidiaLVL 1

Offer help to someone who could use it.

sent my friend money to help them survive til salaries are out

  • +70XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +2
Sa5m completed on 2018.09.18:
Sa5mLVL 2

Wake up early and do something productive.

does going to work count as doing something productive

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
  • STR +1
Ederich completed on 2018.09.18:
EderichLVL 4

Pay all your monthly bills on time.

Boom, more like on payday early as ....

  • +375XP
  • INT +3
fita6 completed on 2018.09.18:
fita6LVL 4

Tell someone an interesting story, either true or fictional.

Qing dynasty the first war on sea with Japan.
Qing could win when south sea troops offer help to north troop.
But they didn't.

  • +125XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +5
Cakeisgreat completed on 2018.09.18:
CakeisgreatLVL 8

Wake up early and do something productive.

Woke up at 6 o' clock today and got ready for school.

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
  • STR +1
Logan08 completed on 2018.09.18:
Logan08LVL 1

Read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

read this book about an year ago. great piece of work. very imaginative

  • +70XP
  • INT +1
  • CUL +1
Kelly-Dian completed on 2018.09.18:
Kelly-DianLVL 7

Wake up early and do something productive.

a tiny bit early to dice the eggplant for dinner and do my makeup.

a tiny bit early is a big deal since I tend to stay in bed so long I only have 10 minutes before having to leave

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
  • STR +1