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Community Achievements

gabyy13 completed on 2020.08.11:
gabyy13LVL 7

Don't eat any frozen dinners for a month.

glad that here we don't have it

  • +675XP
  • STR +15
Retroru completed on 2020.08.11:
RetroruLVL 1

Discover a new band or musician that you enjoy.

found a band called Teeth through daily mix on spotify, pretty awesome hardcore band.

  • +70XP
  • CUL +2
kimberly0711 completed on 2020.08.11:
kimberly0711LVL 2

Eat a healthy snack when you would normally eat junk food.

having this delicious snack after my run

  • +70XP
  • STR +3
alana10paige completed on 2020.08.11:
alana10paigeLVL 1

Tidy up for 10 minutes.

rearranged my room and cleaned.

  • +70XP
  • ENV +2
Lonewolf0002 completed on 2020.08.11:
Lonewolf0002LVL 13

Go one day without succumbing to a bad habit.

done done done!!!

  • +180XP
  • STR +7
bpdgeminiwitch completed on 2020.08.11:
bpdgeminiwitchLVL 7

Attempt something without being afraid of failure.

I went in strong on making these galaxy jars today, I stopped thinking "I cant"

  • +300XP
  • TAL +6
  • CHA +3
btabor completed on 2020.08.11:
btaborLVL 2

Put extra effort into your appearance for the day.

kids destroyed the house while I got ready for a friend date.. date got cancelled an hour in, but at least I looked nice. 💅

  • +70XP
  • CHA +2
PunkRoxBunny completed on 2020.08.11:
PunkRoxBunnyLVL 20

Do something you find relaxing.

reading about foraging

  • +70XP
VilePrincess97 completed on 2020.08.11:
VilePrincess97LVL 3

Call a friend or relative just to chat for a bit.

Told my dad happy birthday

  • +70XP
  • CHA +3