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Community Achievements

Doki completed on 2018.02.22:
DokiLVL 20

Spend some time outdoors.

Only for a little while. All the snow melted and it's been raining a lot.

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3
yuminightmare completed on 2018.02.22:
yuminightmareLVL 1

Read at least one chapter of a book.

I read the chapter 8 La huida de la señora gorda, of Harry Potter y el prisionero de azkaban.

  • +70XP
  • INT +2
  • CUL +2
DeepAbyss completed on 2018.02.22:
DeepAbyssLVL 22

Do something you find relaxing.


I woke up early so if I touched a pillow, I literally felt sleep in 10 seconds 😂😂

  • +70XP
YellowPanda22 completed on 2018.02.22:
YellowPanda22LVL 12

Have a night out with friends.

Went and hung our with friends at a place to get their stuff. Was fun. played with horses.

  • +85XP
  • CHA +2
Ludmilawerq completed on 2018.02.22:
LudmilawerqLVL 10

Have a conversation with a stranger.

sobre aderezos y servilletas

  • +180XP
  • CHA +9
kjindacave completed on 2018.02.22:
kjindacaveLVL 4

Discover a new band or musician that you enjoy.

listen to the  black panther album today

  • +70XP
  • CUL +2
INRI completed on 2018.02.22:

Put away 10% of your paycheck into savings.

60 pesos

  • +140XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
jessie94 completed on 2018.02.22:
jessie94LVL 6

Eat a healthy snack when you would normally eat junk food.

black plum instead of chocolate

  • +70XP
  • STR +3
laylaserizawa completed on 2018.02.22:
laylaserizawaLVL 22

Finish reading a book.

Not an actual book but a very, very long series on r/nosleep I had started a couple of months ago. It honestly seemed never-ending.

  • +300XP
  • INT +8
  • CUL +8
Zarbiel completed on 2018.02.22:
ZarbielLVL 5

Drink eight glasses of water in one day.


  • +125XP
  • STR +5
J1m1G1lm0ur completed on 2018.02.22:
J1m1G1lm0urLVL 5

Spend some time outdoors.

Worked outdoors all day

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3
Maru-yo completed on 2018.02.22:
Maru-yoLVL 4

Wake up early and do something productive.

Woke up at 5 am and started reading about Interview Guide

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • TAL +1
  • STR +1
Johnos completed on 2018.02.22:
JohnosLVL 2

Eat a healthy snack when you would normally eat junk food.

ñom ñom tasty.....xd

  • +70XP
  • STR +3
alucard5000 completed on 2018.02.22:
alucard5000LVL 2

Read Lord of the Flies by William Golding

school in highschool for a test and i actually  remember liking the book but i dont remember much about the book

  • +70XP
  • INT +1
  • CUL +1
tat-tered completed on 2018.02.22:
tat-teredLVL 5

Research and compare thoroughly before buying something.

Luego de averiguar el precio y especificaciones de varios teléfonos decidí no comprar uno nuevo... al menos por ahora

  • +250XP
  • INT +5
SanLV completed on 2018.02.22:

Read an article on something you don't know much about.

read about france in the WWII

  • +85XP
  • INT +2
StuMan completed on 2018.02.22:
StuManLVL 18

Read or watch the news.

Bodies in freezers, people breaking ancient artifacts... even when I avoid politics, the news is negative.

  • +100XP
  • INT +2
  • CUL +4
aatcardillo completed on 2018.02.22:
aatcardilloLVL 1

Complete playing through a video game.

played Mario Baseball with Brendan

  • +140XP
  • TAL +1