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Community Achievements

DarthSybilla completed on 2018.03.23:
DarthSybillaLVL 14

Start a new job.

Centa ^^

  • +2100XP
  • INT +26
  • TAL +18
  • CHA +30
  • ENV +18
Chatomiez completed on 2018.03.23:
ChatomiezLVL 18

Spend the day with friends or family.

Cooked with my mum before she took me to the dentist.

  • +100XP
  • CHA +4
Le_Vraiment completed on 2018.03.23:
Le_VraimentLVL 19

Offer help to someone who could use it.

I offered a ride to a fellow residents that lives in the same town. He thanked me but declined because he has too much work to do for today.

  • +70XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +2
Keiyo completed on 2018.03.23:
KeiyoLVL 8

Prepare yourself a healthy meal.

breakfast egg sandwich

  • +85XP
  • STR +1
wordsncolor completed on 2018.03.23:
wordsncolorLVL 9

See a doctor for an appointment.

Physical therapy

  • +825XP
  • STR +16
Icy-Hot completed on 2018.03.23:
Icy-HotLVL 12

Spend some time outdoors.

Not being a hermit for once, shocking

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3
Alexcraftero_YT completed on 2018.03.23:
Alexcraftero_YTLVL 1

Complete playing through a video game.

Las 3 rutas de Undertale

  • +140XP
  • TAL +1
Rie completed on 2018.03.23:
RieLVL 2

Do something you find relaxing.

I just watched a horror movie
odd huh
but it ended somehow peacefully

  • +70XP
skrubs completed on 2018.03.23:
skrubsLVL 2

Focus on having good posture for your entire day.


  • +85XP
  • STR +2
LuisaRey completed on 2018.03.23:
LuisaReyLVL 24

Accept one of your faults and work to improve it.

I should not be so forgetful...

  • +550XP
  • INT +5
  • CHA +5
lolilugia completed on 2018.03.23:
lolilugiaLVL 4

Read or watch the news.

on the newspaper on the way to school

  • +100XP
  • INT +2
  • CUL +4
MustacheMayhem0 completed on 2018.03.23:
MustacheMayhem0LVL 2

Buy a new album.

Bought Used Future by the Sword. Really like their other albums, I hope this one is just as good

  • +70XP
  • CUL +1
Jamroa93 completed on 2018.03.23:
Jamroa93LVL 16

Stop yourself from self-criticism.

I did this last night. I usually shut down if I've been told I've done something wrong and over complicate it for myself. I did shut down a little bit but I was able to turn around rather quickly and actually communicate and figure out a solution.

  • +180XP
drfri completed on 2018.03.23:
drfriLVL 5

Read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

money is = friends or love.

  • +125XP
  • INT +2
  • CUL +2
Nunia completed on 2018.03.23:
NuniaLVL 2

Call a friend or relative just to chat for a bit.

I called my boyfriend

  • +70XP
  • CHA +3
Ziggi completed on 2018.03.23:
ZiggiLVL 17

Do something you find relaxing.

I had a very relaxing yoga session today

  • +70XP
Esteban_17 completed on 2018.03.23:
Esteban_17LVL 2

Wake up to your alarm clock without hitting snooze.

5:00am (._.)

  • +70XP
  • STR +1
Ladovenezia completed on 2018.03.23:
LadoveneziaLVL 21

Offer help to someone who could use it.

Helped a stranger with computer programming

  • +70XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +2
PumpkinPie completed on 2018.03.23:
PumpkinPieLVL 2

Do something you find relaxing.

Drawing (watercolor) is always fun (and relaxing)

  • +70XP
8902ben completed on 2018.03.23:
8902benLVL 1

Visit an unfamiliar area of your town or city.

i went to kings heath, it was crap

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3
Sebolla completed on 2018.03.23:
SebollaLVL 3

Write a piece of poetry.

Pero bueno
yo siempre me he acomodado
Y eso me hace sentir enojado
Y algo fastidiado
Porque el amor que te he dado
Parece haber sido sólo encajado
Cuando si
algunas partes
Que habías olvidado
Cuando hubieron cosas que se dejaron de lado

  • +70XP
  • INT +2
  • TAL +3
  • CUL +1
Garretts80 completed on 2018.03.23:
Garretts80LVL 18

Do something without being afraid of what others may think.

Watching Critical Role on the big TV. #nerdlife

  • +750XP
  • CHA +12
Sass completed on 2018.03.23:
SassLVL 24

Do something you find relaxing.

  • +70XP