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Community Achievements

Erichu completed on 2018.07.16:
ErichuLVL 13

Prepare yourself a healthy meal.

tuna & spaghetti

  • +85XP
  • STR +1
Jiggypower completed on 2018.07.16:
JiggypowerLVL 4

Go to bed super early.

Super early for a night owl :P hate it though!

  • +70XP
  • STR +2
ThailaJ completed on 2018.07.16:
ThailaJLVL 12

Add to your collection of favourite recipes.

Pulled Pork

  • +70XP
  • TAL +1
TheHomieChazD completed on 2018.07.16:
TheHomieChazDLVL 2

Write a piece of poetry.

The skys gay
the gyms gay
your fucking gay

  • +70XP
  • INT +2
  • TAL +3
  • CUL +1
thetebe completed on 2018.07.16:
thetebeLVL 15

Do something that makes someone else really happy.

Long hike with the SO

  • +150XP
  • CHA +8
BrickWall completed on 2018.07.16:
BrickWallLVL 1

Read Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I've read the book, it was a interesting story.

  • +70XP
  • INT +1
  • CUL +1
Taake completed on 2018.07.16:
TaakeLVL 10

Do something to change your appearance.

Cut a little bit my hair.

  • +675XP
  • CHA +8
JaketheeJake completed on 2018.07.16:
JaketheeJakeLVL 2

Complete playing through a video game.

Mario Odyssey, darker side of the moon. "Finished" the game with only 635 moons.

  • +140XP
  • TAL +1
Reobert completed on 2018.07.16:
ReobertLVL 23

Write a list of things you are looking forward to in the future.

Jimmy Buffett concert, Summer camp, Trump impeachment, full-time employment

  • +300XP
Crisjrf completed on 2018.07.16:
CrisjrfLVL 18

Spend a day acting more confident than you usually are.

Cada vez que voy al curso de inglés y me relaciono guay con la gente.

  • +125XP
  • CHA +7
Vordhosbn completed on 2018.07.16:
VordhosbnLVL 18

Complete some household chores or cleaning.

Finally got the laundry situation under control. My fiancé has too many clothes for the closet space he has (I store mine in the dresser), so I organized a system of baskets for him to keep his wardrobe. Not ideal, but at least the clean clothes are sorted and folded instead of using up all our clean laundry baskets.

  • +100XP
  • ENV +6
  • STR +4
AyaLawliet completed on 2018.07.16:
AyaLawlietLVL 22

Finish reading a book.

Finished 'Where love has gone' by Harold Robbins.

  • +300XP
  • INT +8
  • CUL +8
majornerd224 completed on 2018.07.16:
majornerd224LVL 3

Do something you find relaxing.


  • +70XP
PenginFu completed on 2018.07.16:
PenginFuLVL 5

Do something you find relaxing.

solo time crafting and writing at the pub

  • +70XP
inmatelonary completed on 2018.07.16:
inmatelonaryLVL 6

Spend some time in a local park or beach.

Today I went to the beacj and had a swim

  • +85XP
  • ENV +2
TheLIGHTBRINGER completed on 2018.07.16:

Offer help to someone who could use it.

offered water

  • +70XP
  • TAL +2
  • CHA +2
wermouse completed on 2018.07.16:
wermouseLVL 4

Have a night out with friends.


  • +85XP
  • CHA +2
ScarletJoker completed on 2018.07.16:
ScarletJokerLVL 3

Spend the day with friends or family.

Went house hunting with my roommate.

  • +100XP
  • CHA +4
Lucario completed on 2018.07.16:
LucarioLVL 2

Complete playing through a video game.

this afternoon i played world of warcraft

  • +140XP
  • TAL +1
RedTrainer completed on 2018.07.16:
RedTrainerLVL 5

Draw a new illustration.

Bastante catartica la verdad

  • +150XP
  • TAL +6
singwithice completed on 2018.07.16:
singwithiceLVL 3

Read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Read in 9th grade

  • +85XP
  • INT +1
  • CUL +1
Zeky10 completed on 2018.07.16:
Zeky10LVL 1

Spend some time outdoors.

play footbal wth my friends

  • +70XP
  • ENV +3